Sometimes all you need to do is discard all those synthetic, full of damaging chemicals and compounds, hair conditioner and apply an elaborate organic hair conditioners and pretend that is equivalent to getting your life in order. Using those heavy marketed hair conditioners with their damaging shampoos does more damage than the cure. You are left with frizzier and dry hair and constantly need those cursed products to ensure better appearance of the hair. But, if you look closely, they have made you entirely dependent on those shampoos and conditioners. That is not what you signed up for!


Nature has its ways to solve all your problems but it requires a good knowledge of what to use and what not to use. The term Essential Oils have become mainstream in this era and the demand continues to grow even more. But the question arises; why are they replacing the regular skincare and cosmeceuticals at such a rapid pace? The answer is quite simple; essential oils are all about natural source, natural isolation, and natural therapeutic effects.

They are obtained from plants by isolating their main therapeutic ingredient through the process of distillation or cold pressing. These therapeutic ingredients are then incorporated into the carrier oil and packaged with delicacy and love, preventing from decaying and for increasing the shelf life. They are then delivered to you while retaining all their properties and their characteristic scents. Each essential oil has a fragrance of its own that is unique.


There are many essential oils available online and walk-in stores. Some of them are listed below:

  • Peppermint oil has a menthol like fresh fragrance and it is widely used to relieve distress. It is also laxative in nature therefore helps in digestion.
  • Chamomile is one of the most popular ingredient these days with its famous ‘chamomile tea’ that is known to aid digestion and relieve stress. But the essential oil of chamomile is widely used in aromatherapy and used to stimulate the individual to enter his relaxation phase.
  • Tea tree oil is no more a mystery. Those with acne must have used it and if not then where have you been living? In a cave or what? Tea tree oil is mostly recommended oil for treating those blemishes and infectious pimples on your face. It boosts immunity by fighting off the bacteria that have infected your pimples and causing the acne.
  • Rose oil is just as therapeutic as looking at a rose. Just the visuals of a rose intact on its stem with few leaves on is refreshing enough, imagine using the essential oil of that mighty rose! Rose oil reduces stress and anxiety and calms your nerves down. It is a symbol of love and rightfully so, promotes love at its best.


Essential oils are not just used for skincare and hair concerns. They are also go to ingredients in case of lack of sleep or insomnia, continuous headaches or migraine, redness, swelling or inflammation. Essential oils are also incorporated in many products for their antimicrobial effect. They protect the formulations from decaying. 

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